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Unsere Karte in der CellaVie Bar & Lounge
  • CellaVie DE
  • Unsere Karte in der CellaVie Bar & Lounge

Unsere Karte

Drink & travel. Neben seinen patentierten HighFly Signature Drinks bietet das CellaVie sorgfältig selektierte Getränke- und Hors-d’oeuvre-Begleitungen auf Ihrem Flug durch die Nacht.

Fast alle Spezialitäten und Zutaten haben ihre eigene, aufregende CellaVie-Reisegeschichte hinter sich. Fragen Sie uns, wir erzählen sie gerne.

"Die Cocktails im CellaVie Aviation Club sind wirklich weltmeisterlich. Sie sind Kunstwerke - nur dass der Künstler hier statt Farben oder Sounds verschiedene Geschmacksrichtungen komponiert. Es ist Malen mit Geschmack - ein seltenes, sensationelles und sinnliches Erlebnis."
Elesander Senterra, Künstler

Senator Lounge

Take Off Bittersweet Symphony
19,90 Euro
Gin, Vodka, Elderflower (Anticipation, Power, Delight)
Cloudy Sky Catch Me If You Can!
19,90 Euro
Vodka, Apple, Smoked Sage (Invincible, Vital, Mysterious)
Stick To The Point
Turbulence Eccentric
19,90 Euro
Whiskey, Cherry, Ginger (Thrill, Uprising, Hyper)
The Aviator Smoking Hot
19,90 Euro
Whiskey, Chili-Berry, Ginger-Honey-Candy (Pioneer, Brave, Genius)

Business Lounge

Border Crossing Control
18,60 Euro
Rum, Cognac, Vanilla (In-Tension, De-Pressure, Innocent)
Captain Authority
18,60 Euro
Rum, Amaretto, Caribbean Flavours (Firm, Decisive, Diplomatic)
Flight Attendant Femme Fatale
18,60 Euro
Vodka, Prosecco, Berries (Appealing, Resolute, Vicious)
Miss Co- Pilot Perfect Woman
18,60 Euro
Gin, Berries, Vanilla (Focus, Confident, Resilient)
Get On Board Welcome
18,60 Euro
Rum, Caribbean Flavours, White Chocolate (Welcome)
Flight Instructor I Got Your Back!
18,60 Euro
Tequila, Orange, Electric Bitters (Direct, Insightful, Electrifying)

Leisure Cocktails

Auto-Pilot Artificial Intelligence
16,40 Euro
Cachaca, Caribbean Herbs, Passionfruit (Stability, Precaution, Balance)
Above The Clouds No Limit
16,40 Euro
Vodka, White Chocolate, Cream (Infinite, Harmony, Ease)
Pre-Flight Check Precision
16,40 Euro
Pisco, Prosecco, Rose (Reliable, Trust, Relief)
Direct Route Stick to the Point
16,40 Euro
Gin, Grapefruit, White Chocolate (Straightforward, Ripe, Clearance)
Push Back Make The First Move
16,40 Euro
Vodka, Ginger, Passionfruit (Smooth, Sharp, Confident)
Runway Spice Girls
16,40 Euro
Vodka, Vermouth Rosso, Chili (Sassy, Classy, Fierce)
Roger! Notorious Luxury
16,40 Euro
Vodka, Passionfruit, Saffron (Clarity, Satisfaction, Luxurious)
Safety Instructions Just In Case
16,40 Euro
Pisco, Elderflower, Lime (Gentle, Delightful, Modest)

Alle Preise in EUR inkl. Steuern & Abgaben

Smooth Innocent

The Navigator Top Gun
Avocado, Blueberry, Mango, Ginger
Ground Handler Fast & Furious
Passionfruit, Pineapple, Strawberry, Coconut Milk
Gate 66 Easy Riding
Apricot, Honey, Rosemary, Ginger

Long Haul Flights

Cancún Passion
13,20 Euro
Apricot, Honey, Rosemary, Ginger
Halifax Berry
13,20 Euro
Blueberry, Raspberry & Strawberry Gin, Tonic
Havana Infidel
13,20 Euro
Brown Sugar & Mint Rum, Sparkling Water
Byzantium Kahve
13,20 Euro
Brown Sugar & Mint Rum, Sparkling Water
Shanghai Rose
13,20 Euro
Fig & Rose Vodka, Tonic
Halifax Berry
13,20 Euro
Blueberry, Raspberry & Strawberry Gin, Tonic

Sho®t Distance Flights

Cloudy Innsbruck
Vodka, Cream, Dark & White Chocolate
Graz Pump
Vodka, Elderflower, Pumpkin Seed Oil
Salzburg Landing
Vodka, Strawberry, White Chocolate
Vienna Blue
Gin, Blue Curacao, Caribbean Herbs
Linz Cake
Vodka, Apricot, Passionfruit
Vienna Blue
Gin, Blue Curacao, Caribbean Herbs


Egon Schiele - Gablitz, Austria
5,40 Euro
Premium Beer 0.33l (96 points Falstaff)
Corona Extra
5,40 Euro


Red Bull/Red Bull Sugarfree kann eine phenylalaninquelle enthalten
5,20 Euro
Red Bull Organics (0,33l)
5,40 Euro
Tonic Water, Black Orange, Bitter Lemon, Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Purple Berry, Simply Cola - 0.25l
Voeslauer Mineral Water jugendgetraenk
3,90 Euro
Lemon, Still, Sparkling - 0.33l
Coca Cola/ Coca Cola Zero kann eine phenylalaninquelle enthalten
5,00 Euro

HUB Destinations (Business & Senator Lounge)

400 Euro
French Sturgeon Caviar Sélection: Primeur 15g, Oscietra 15g, Prestige Baerii 15g, Champagne Bouché Blanc de Blancs 0.75l (Brut)
600 Euro
French Beluga Caviar: Prestige 30g, Finest Vodka - Beluga Noble 0.7l
Paris & Moscow B.&S.
1.000 Euro
kann eine phenylalaninquelle enthalten
5,00 Euro

Stop Over Destinations

149 Euro
Patron Silver Tequila 100% de Weber Blue (world´s finest) Agave (time-honored, tahona´process- twice distilled, Patron signature smooth taste) 0.7l
149 Euro
Aberfeldy Highland Single Malt Whisky 12 years in Oak (24 Gold Medal Awards: UK, USA, Belgium) 0.7l
149 Euro
Star of Bombay London Dry Gin 0.7l
149 Euro
Gentleman Jack Tennessee Bourbon Whisky (double mellowed) 0.7l
149 Euro
Grey Goose Vodka 0.7l
149 Euro
Champagne Bouché Blanc de Blancs (Chardonnay) 0.75l (96 points Falstaff)
149 Euro
Bacardi Reserva 8 Años 0.7l

Sturia Caviar

CellaVie Aviation Club & Lounge chooses Sturia Caviar for the three destination packages when you book a table with us: Destinations Paris (Bouché Champagne), Moscow (Grey Goose Vodka) or Vienna S&B (Bouché Champagne & Grey Goose Vodka). 

If you had Caviar before and hated it because you tasted only the strenght of salt and was disappointed with its extreme fishy smell or are an anti-caviar because you are against killing fish to harvest their eggs, we know how you feel. 


We partner with excellence:

Sturia provides sturgeon a natural, healthy, and serene springs and rivers to develop, feed and grow as they would in their natural environment. It takes 8-10 years before a sturgeon could produce caviar. And when they do, the eggs are milked (like milking a cow) to preserve the life of the fish. 

We have a selection of 4 high quality types of caviar from France, which are exclusively only available at CellaVie Aviation Club & Lounge. 

To enjoy this delicacy 4 very distinctive and exquisite flavours the palate must be slowly teased with different flavours and texture. The selection of wines, champagne, vodka, gourmet pralines and praline chocolates were chosen to make your caviar experience unforgettable. Served with freshly baked plinies. 


Primeur is a young caviar, fresh and green. Its shiny, golden-green / grey roe reveal a creamy texture in mouth and delicate notes of matcha green tea. Refined for less than 4 weeks.

Sturia Primeur procures a sensation of freshness which seduces the caviar connoisseurs. Its fresh hazelnut taste and its crunchy yet creamy texture are perfect allies of Rosé Champagne.

56 Euro
111 Euro


Oscietra caviar, from the exclusive production of Gueldenstaedtii sturgeons condenses buttered nut and avocado notes into sensual caviar. Its firm golden brown eggs roll perfectly under the palate, gradually freeing th delicate flavours of harmonious and refined caviar.

Much demanded by connoisseurs Oscietra is a sought-after selection its sensuality comes out admirably in spoon tasting. This great caviar is most suitable for Prestige Champagne “Blanc de Blanc” (Chardonnay), which will sublime the sparkle of these golden eggs.

58 Euro
115 Euro


Prestige is the special selection of the BAERII Sturia range, with a size exceeding 3mm. It is an exceptional caviar, dark and shiny with delicate smoked nutty taste. 

Associate this great caviar with Japanese flavours such as sushis and makis. Raw fish is extraordinary when allied with Brut Champagne Cuve (Chardonnay et Pinot Noir).

66 Euro
131 Euro


THE BELUGA BY STURIA is one of the most prestigious caviar selections in the world. Its very large grains are unique! They melt in the mouth, with an unrivalled length on the palate that is at once complex and refined.

Tasting Beluga caviar is a rare luxury. Enjoy this caviar on its own via spoon tasting to savour all its complexity along with a sip of Grey Goose Vodka.

405 Euro


Champagne Bouché (Pierry) - Une passion depuis 4 générations

« My goal is to produce fine, subtle and elegant champagnes. Champagnes of which we are proud to taste, to present to your friends and your family. For this, we perform assemblage (“blending”) with patience and let each bottle age between 4 and 10 years in our cellars. The result must be perfect  »

Nicolas Bouché Winemaker – Enologist

Champagne Bouché Blanc De Blanc (Chardonnay)

Leuchtendes mittleres Grüngelb, Silberreflexe, feines, anhaltendes Mousseux. Mit einem Hauch von frischem Biskuit unterlegte weiße Tropenfrucht, Nuancen von Mango, zart nach Limetten. Mittlerer Körper, frischer Apfel, lebendig strukturiert, zitroniger Touch, feiner Fruchtsüße im Nachhall, ein vielseitiger Speisenbegleiter.

(Falstaff - 91 Points: Notizen von Peter Moser und Gerhild Burkard, Veröffentlicht am 28.10.2020)

Brut 0.75 l
175 Euro
Magnum 1.5 l
298 Euro

Champagne Bouché Rosé

Produit par Madame Bouché, spécialement pour Ladies (& Gentleman love it)

Brut 0,75 l
149 Euro

Champagne A. Bergère, Épernay

(also used for our CellaVie Aviation Club Cocktails)

„Each bottle of the range A. BERGERE reflects the purest expression of the wine and its original soil and is respectful of the local tradition. Whatever the crop years, the quality is the watchword of the house and reflects the spirit.” (Albert, André, Annaelle and Adrien, the “A” of champagne A. BERGERE)

Cuvée 0.75 l (Chardonnay et Pinot Noir)
175 Euro

Champagne Moët & Chandon

(Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier & Chardonnay)

Rosé Imperial Brut 0.75l
159 Euro
Imperial Ice Brut 0.75l
181 Euro

Champagne Dom Pérignon

"distinctive bouquet comprising sandalwood, vanilla and praline" (Dom Pérignon cellar master Richard Geoffroy)

 Note: a bottle of the first vintage of Dom Pérignon Rosé (the 1959) ordered by Shah of Iran for the 2,500-year celebration of the Persian Empire, was sold at an auction for €24,758 in 2008.

Dom Pérignon Brut Luminous 0,75 l
485 Euro

Sekt (Champagne Methode)

Kattus Grande Cuvée Cuvée Gruenner Weltliner, Welschriesling & Chardonnay
79 Euro
Vienna State Opera Edition, Austria Brut 0,75l
Chandon Garden Spritz Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Semillon
81 Euro
Mendoza, Argentina 0,75l

Classics and other beverages

Klassische Cocktails, Longdrinks und alkoholfreie Getränke sind jederzeit verfügbar

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